“I just wanted to help some people understand the purpose and driving force behind the Next Level Invitational.  If you did not know already “CrossFit is a sport for some of us”.  So with that said look at you and/or your members as athletes who represent various teams.  Your daily training sessions are practices.  Now take the end result of making it to the CrossFit Games as the Superbowl.  This year CrossFit has created a brief playoff system to handle the sheer numbers of athletes who feel they are worthy to compete in the arena of the CrossFit Games.  But there are very few “regular season” competitions for athletes to test their ability  It is a very small percentage of actual CrossFit Games competitors compared to the overwhelming majority of people who will never make it or who are not ready yet.  This is where events such as the Invitational or the previously successful OC Throwdown come into play.  The Invitational provides game time scenarios for you and your athletes.  With this new experience also comes knowledge and confidence which allows for  improved training sessions in your box.
As affiliate owners and coaches we have a responsible to our athletes within our box to provide them with as many opportunities for success as possible.  Introducing them to actual competition is one of those responsibilities.  Many of your athletes will never realize their true potential until they have their backs against wall and are forced to fight and execute under pressure.  Also as a coach competition allows you to realize the areas of strength or weakness in your programming.
The advanced division will test the athlete’s abilities the same as a sectional or regional or even the CrossFit Games.  The intermediate division will be very challenging and will look to expose weaknesses in an athlete’s physical or mental ability.  However, in both divisions if the wods become to challenging for the athlete then they can modify during wod and will be allowed to finish the wod and the competition.  Their scores will be noted as such and they will be either dropped to the lower division if coming from the advanced or simply be placed after all the rx finishers for their division.
The important thing to remember is that every workout makes you stronger and every competition gives you experience under the lights and pressure of being judged. “
-Lamarr Smith
CrossFit Next Level Performance

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