Kenneth Leverich



One of the best CrossFit athletes on Planet Earth. Kenneth has won numerous CrossFit competitions both local and on the National level. In 2012 he finished 17th at the CrossFit Games the highest level of the CF sport.

Kyle Kell


In 2009 Kyle Joined the Marine Corps, he did a tour to Afghanistan in 2010 and a tour through numerous Middle Eastern countries in 2012. He found Crossfit in Afghanistan when he saw some British Marines doing “FRAN” at their camp. Kyle instantly fell in love with it and never looked back. He started introducing it to everyone in his unit and they found it an excellent way to stay in combat shape. Kyle separated from the Marine Corps in 2013 after 4 years of honorable service and began coaching at OCCF. His biggest inspiration is his Wife, Ashley.

Corey Mortenson



Corey grew up playing football and focusing on his competitive snowboard career. Being sidelined by injuries, he began a successful career in acting and modeling. It was here Corey was exposed to his passion for health and fitness and became an NASM certified personal trainer. It wasn’t until finding CrossFit that he would truly understand the meaning of health and fitness and be able to put his athleticism to the test. Today, Corey is an avid CrossFit athlete and is dedicated to putting his years of experience into helping others achieve their goals.

Steve Meyer


Rick Rozendaal



Coach Rick became a trainer and coach because he enjoys helping people reach goals they thought were unattainable. He strives to make their goals his goals and help them learn new ways to strengthen their bodies. He began training people over 6 years ago in his free time. Rick got his CrossFit L1 Cert a few years later and has been active in competitive CrossFit for over 2 years. He was in the top 2% in the 2015 CrossFit Open (So Cal).

Rick has always been an athletic person in a wide range of sports including: soccer, football, surfing, skim boarding, wake-boarding, skiing, and more which helps him relate to all athletic backgrounds.

In Rick’s words: “Coaching CrossFit is not just a job, but it’s a passion. I completely fell in love with the community aspect of CrossFit from day one. I became bored of the conventional style of lifting and found that CrossFit keeps people in shape aesthetically, physically, and mentally, preparing people for anything life throws at you. Other than personal training, I teach two boot camp classes and one strength and conditioning class weekly. I look forward to having the opportunity to coach you in the next class or even 1 on 1.


David “Muzz” Murray



In 2007 David joined his local crossfit box in Australia and Began coaching in 2008, he has coached at many different crossfit boxes around the world. He found Crossfit to help better himself as an athlete and his all round work capacity. David has completed his Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports science and will begin his Master’s in Strength and Conditioning this year. His passion is to help educate people on the benefits of fitness/crossfit and how it is able to help them become a better person both physically and mentally.

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